Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exploring Consciousness

Exploring consciousness is the theme of the latest edition of Resurgence...at the heart of earth, art and spirit.

...E.F. Schumacher once said, 'We are now far too clever to be able to survive without wisdom'. The question is, will humanity take the quantum leap in consciousness needed to create a resilient future? More is explored in the article on Resilience by Peter Russell.

In the article Reality by Thich Nhat Hanh.....'ancient traditions and religions have known intuitively for millenia what quantum physics is now proving: that all things are interconnected and the whole of creation is interdependent...'

Here is the link http://www.resurgence.org/

I wonder what the synchronicities might be for our ongoing Collective Consciousness Conversation and leadership inquiry?


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reflections, Inspirations and Emergence

As my adventure into learning and exploring social media technology continues, especially my learning on Facebook - I have had some space to take a step back in the last week or so. Been wondering about the themes on the CCC FB page and also the links to the FB Appreciation, Inspiration and Sacred Moments page.

They have both inspired me and I wanted to share with you what has emerged for me...


Awakening to the Embrace

Realising i was awake, grateful…
Horrified, broken open, who, what now?
Really feeling, really listening and hearing, seeing…

Acknowledging the before, the hurts, the wants,
the patterns being repeated…
Letting go, of the known, the usual routes.

Being struck by a sudden moment of tenderness,
Beauty and awe in nature, a colourfully woven web.
A ‘HEY YOU’ – become part of this call.

Sadness, loss, for him, for her, for them our formative souls
Shattered, not perfect, not whole, not saintly
Being here, humanity in creation, presence in essence.

And so, to wallow, to forgive, to learn?
Choices, choices….love? life and living?
Experiencing and embracing the discovery…

A friend, trusting, being, sharing and smiling
Watching children on the beach, dancing in the waves
Listening to the laughter, watching the kites flying.

And what more? Another cycle begins…
a storm gathers, the creative vortex approaches.

A fresh new day with all of its possibilities
What will I choose now…enough?
Being, loving and embracing the experience…

Christine Davies 15th August 2009