Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CCC ...continuing the conversation - NEWS

Hello dear co-creators:-)

The next CCC is indeed in flow and the dates are now set for 18-21 May 2010 in the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff.

We are currently working on the preparation and themes for our conversation, already we are receiving innovative and exciting seeds and ideas for formation from amongst the collective - thankyou. We anticipate being able to share our invitations early in the New Year.

Meantime, we invite you to continue to be with us as is a poem that I was inspired to write following a shared experience with one from our connective collective, Karen Izod...

A Century of Time

Sitting, sharing, laughing and crying in the sunshine
Listening to the trickling, soothing song of the fountains
Noticing, feeling loved, peaceful, held, heard
Inquiring about the tradition and the trajectory.

Who am I; who are we; why are we
In this particular passage of time…now here?

Amongst the textures of slate, redbrick, stone, copper, glass and steel
Next to the inspirational offerings of the welsh craftsmen and women
Wondering about the century of time that is captured here
And what songs have indeed been sung over the horizons gone…

And in between,
The gleaming, proud tower and beacon of light, flowing with source.
What is this bold reflection mirroring to us now
in this moment of millennium time?

Christine Davies 10th Sept 2009, Cardiff Bay

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Continuing the Conversation with Intent

In each age, men of genius undertake the ascent. From below, the world follows them with their eyes. These men go up the mountain, enter the clouds, disappear, reappear. People watch them, mark them. They walk by the side of precipices. They daringly pursue their road. See them aloft, see them in the distance; they are but black specks. On they go. The road is uneven, its difficulties constant. At each step, a wall, at each step a trap. As they rise the cold increases. They must make their ladder, cut the ice and walk on it, hewing the steps in haste. A storm is raging. Nevertheless they go forward in their madness. The air becomes difficult to breathe. The abyss yawns below them. Some fall. Others stop and retrace their steps; there is a sad weariness. The bold ones continue. They are eyed by the eagles; the lightning plays about them: the hurricane is furious. No matter, they persevere.

Victor Hugo