Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CCC Cardiff...another wave emerging

Our sharing of our latest conversation as we prepare to host the space for our inquiry in Cardiff...

With love
Joao Pedro, Christine, Anjet, Zachary and Matthieu


Grounding in stillness the soft air of fire
The hearth where the earth of warmth
Brings quieter passions to heart.

Need to light the incense, where the energy
Draws us where we are not, frightened
Embracing the turbulence of water, air, and fire.

A furnace where there is a burning purity
For the conflicting dates present a field
Seeing, not looking with eyes to what is unseen.

Healing consciousness in the wider sense
Of justice, struck by what is excluded when invited
Making known the circle of disconnection in the emergence.

Feeling the sadness of what age carries and carries away
Clearly calling for tomorrow collectively to be present
To serve a bigger whole, connected once more to fire within.

Hidden, not able to be found while okay with who is there.
Looking again, rowing towards a destined distant shore…
Yes, maybe… not now, later… silence… stuck

Partly making pilgrimage to who will be present and not.
Trying to control the possibilities, explore the meaning
Of what it is believed to be so it can be released to be.

What is being called? What are we serving? What is the question?
The welfare of this planet at this time, noticing what experience
Is embodied existentially, shifting the field with accountable innocence.

Guiding the responsibility of the gentle shoots of active grace
Where the seeds of knowing drive a sensed self in the present moment
Creating the conditions to open an honest approach to what matters.

A sigh, for certain. All breathing, pausing. Critical mass of what could be
Different conversations in community, the intention revealed, short of breath
Enjoying the things to do in this world, energy of being driven and driving.

Understanding we must go through, blowing up an illusion, seriously questioning
Can I make a difference? Maybe differently than the way it was done before.
Greater forces at play. Losing the connection. Who is “I” when I act?

Reshaping at all levels, shifting inside to be with and surrender to the birth
Enabling the ties to untie, flowing underneath, surfacing the play
Moved and touched while fading and feeling, resonating and deepening.
Finding the mind space in the heart for what matters. Beginning a gathering
Of images that inspire and bring meaning with earth mothers and cocoons
That provide a way to find our way to think of what we never thought.

Ways to create space in the physical space that allows a live link to allow
Those who seek to participate in a collage of calling. Finished for now.
Beginning to begin.

CCC Minutes March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

CCC Cardiff...our emerging conversation

This is the essence of our recent discussion meeting as we prepare to host the CCC in Cardiff, let us know how it resonates with you...


Still struggling
Though it becomes a known norm
Where head and hearts and heels
Feeling ungrounded by storms
Returning home and regressing and advancing
Disorientation, panic, loss of control
In the same time and space
A calm

When is the storm coming again?

Resonance with the turbulent calm
As the middle blocks and shields,
Not connecting upward or downward
Mixed feelings with resignation and contracts
A call for less and a need for more
A cycle of return to the maternal
Wondering what needs to be born.

Drawing the lines between the numbers
Facing north, south, east, and west
With home on the back, like a turtle
Righting itself
With dark and light at the same time

The courage of being five points of star,
Trusting the difficult path to lead
The very act of breathing life
Knowing we will once more
Touch the divine, together

The deep difference between asking the question
On my own, a part from words that hold
A space that yearns for connections
Getting closer to an emerging field

Where the very messages from nature
That seek to speak for nurture
As gentle cries of an infant child
Now and there, where more of what
Is core beckons at that beacon of home
Rooted to earth from the nurturing womb

Natural cycles
Dynamic, softening as it happening
Meaning many things, questioning the questions
Feeling the images
The elements are what is alive.
Pushing us to be a living system.

Minutes of CCC meeting--- 4 March 2010

with love

Matthieu, Anjet, Joao Pedro, Christine and Zachary