Saturday, May 2, 2009

Power of Imagination; Poetry and Love in Action

What a wonderful week in my life, more dreams coming true, amazing creations and connections...conscious of a higher power than me at work, learning to be with and embrace it.

The first invitation this week from the man that still is in Australia - David McCallum about the Power of the Imagination in Transformational Leadership

David McCallum SJ is pondering this great article on leadership

Article by Michael Jones, March 2009 Integral Leadership Review
We are on the threshold of a renaissance in leadership practice—the challenges ahead are not technical but transformational. Letting go of our industrial age myths will require not just intellectual understanding but the full power of the imagination.

This triggered something deeper within me regarding my identity and role as a transformer in Wales and I decided to use it as a catalyst to create new conversations.

It was then followed by Karen Izod's sharing of this news clip regarding the Poet Laureat appointment - more opportunity for women to find courage and opportunities for their voices to be heard. . .;

Kirsty Foster also on that same day shared some of her wonderful creative prose with me and then Anjet then shared this beautiful piece. .

The measure of love
“I have always wanted to know if I was able to love like you do,” said the disciple of a Hindu master.“There is nothing beyond love,” answered the master.
“It’s love that keeps the world going round and the stars hanging in the sky.”
“I know all that. But how can I know if my love is great enough?”
“Try to find out if you abandon yourself to love or if you flee from your emotions. But don’t ask questions like that because love is neither great nor small. You can’t measure a feeling like you measure a road: if you act like that you will see only your reflection, like the moon in a lake, but you won’t be following your path.”

So this has inspired me to share some of mine. .

Question why ‘Love’ causes chaos;
It reveals the truth and releases incredible energy.
Its success depends on how you choose to react.
It works best when you surrender to the flow;
To accept its grace and enjoy the beauty and bounty of life.

And this wisdom from the poet Machado. . .

'Life is a path that you beat while you walk it'

Just spent a wonderful 24hours with a member of our collective co-creator Susan Wilmot Josife who is very focussed on raising human consciousness, we were exploring enabling experiences for young people. We were contemplating the state of the world and were met with a poem in Peter Russell's book - Waking Up in Time

Love - The Gift of Peace

Love is not something you do,
Love is a way of being.
And more than that.
It is simply being.
Being with another person, however they may be.
Holding no judgements, having no agendas,
No desire to control,
No need to prove your love,
No intrusion upon their soul.
Nothing but a total acceptance of their being,
Born of your acceptance of yours.

Peter goes on with the discussion- - - 'Nevertheless, whatever the creature, the essence of consciousness or sentience remains the same: it is the essence of being aware, the light behind all experience. Seeing this, seeing that the consciousness within ourselves is the same consciousness that lies within all sentient beings, is the basis of universal love, a love for all creation.'

Hope to see and hear you on Facebook soon at the CCC page - just register and search for Collective Consciousness Conversation

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