Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Dear dancers :-)

Collective Consciousness Conversation

In March 2009, in Leiden in the Netherlands, we participated in an inquiry and learning process - a dance about:

‘What kind of world can we create and what kind of leadership will enable that?’

As hosts, we believed then, and more so now, that A Collective Consciousness Conversation (CCC) is a choice moving us towards love and freedom.

We have been connecting deeply, reflecting and wondering about how our individual and collective experiences have been influencing us to take our own constructive actions in the world. We were each of us able to share tales of our connections with CCC dancers and we are in awe of how all our stories reflect constructive action amongst the collective.

‘I have heard it all my life,
A voice calling a name I recognized as my own...’

The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

We were also wondering about whether there were any questions and /or concerns that you would like us to attend to in our collective role as conveners, hosts and guides post the CCC experience? We welcome your comments.

And so, as we continue to anchor these roles, and with on-going loving intention and attention to co-creation, we are offering a further invitation to deepen the CCC inquiry. We are curious to learn how the CCC has impacted on you. Our extended personal invitation to you is to reflect further on what CCC may have offered to you. Or to use a metaphor, what the CCC may have seeded for you; what may have required pruning and cutting back; what green shoots may be appearing or are there any situations which are already blossoming for you, in your life, in your work and in your praxis?

We invite you to share what feels appropriate for you...we hope that by your sharing we will be able to weave a rich contextual tapestry from which we can all learn as a collective. Your offerings can be incorporated into a collective collage…so feel free to express yourself in whatever way resonates most personally and powerfully for you……

In the first instance, it is our intention to share the learnings with those who were physically present in CCC. We hope to harvest the fruits to inform our next CCC cycle which continues to evolve and respond to the collective consciousness of the now as it emerges anew…..

We were wondering about the process that each group went through as it progressed its work in designing and hosting the co-creation session relating to the inquiry themes of connections; collective consciousness I; collective consciousness II and constructive action. A brief summary of the session format and specific activites that each group led would be very helpful and we invite each group to share with us in this regard if they would so choose.

Overtime, maybe some of the offerings could inform our ongoing theory and praxis development – or could be offered as learnings on the blog and the CCC FaceBook page.

We are aiming to weave some threads together by the end of October so that we can embrace what is emerging for the next phase of our development and our intention to host a further CCC inquiry in Wales in March 2010. So we would be delighted if you could share with us, as appropriate, in the coming weeks.

We look forward to continuing the dance in the space that is emerging between us, known and unknown, being and becoming…and yet…

Zachary, Anjet, Rene and Christine
x x x x

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