Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear travellers,

Our invitation to join a co-creative and connective collective offered a beginning, an opportunity for recognising our shared responsibility for how we co-create ourselves, each other and the worlds in which we live. 'In this new space, what if we discovered something beyond - where we can touch, embrace, hold and make meaning of our senses and different forms of knowing. One where we can cradle each other as we grow in our capacity to give and receive? Dare we explore this dimension within ourseves and others?'

And in the space, we danced alone and together and with co-creative loving intention. And since, the dancing and waves of movements, the ebb and flow of life has continued. Our co-created collective is deepening its connection with each wave. As hosts, convenors and guides, we have been profoundly humbled and awed by the sacred gifts that have been offered to the collective, by the courage that has been shown and how the generosity of the human spirit is revealing itself. We have each individually and as a group of four, and no doubt as a whole, been experiencing the challenges of grounding these new energetic waves of 'knowing' and 'being' within ourselves.

Peter invited us to also think about how our intentions, for the world and our collective leadership of it, might be consummated. In order to enable that process to continue, we are offering our intentions (the paper cards) in a small ceremony to the fire and the water on Katwijk beach at 0630 am tomorrow morning. We will know ourselves held by your intentions, as we (Peter, Zachary, Ankie and Anjet on our collective behalf) will also offer something that symbolizes for us what we may need to let go of in order to make space inside ourselves to walk the path that follows … knowing that the path already is, and that we are it and that we also, as a collective and as unique individuals with a purpose shape it while we walk.

Parts of the CCC process included 'stillness' and 'silence' - space for reflection, contemplation and integration. So with this loving intention - we invite you into a space of sanctuary, to 'be' and reflect with us. This is a poem and a construct that has emerged from our reflective dialogues since CCC.

Seeing through to the essence that is ever present
To the other end of the spectrum
The dying of ego which will never entirely die
Not entirely disappear---unique spark in deep darkness

Transforming the tradition so that it also
Expresses the emergence

The gems within and around to be polished.

At once is the individual and the collective
Where we are and are not
The nature and beauty of the dance

Where strange paradox is a truth
That in any moment
Changes form and becomes
Another truth…

A flickering flow of woven movements

Let it be
Let it wash
Let it yield

As the flame to the winds
As the waves to the shore
As the wheat to the earth

Recognizing and being recognized
without having seen each other before.
The encounter seeing beyond...

With much love as we continue to be held and nurtured in our connectively woven web.
Zachary, Anjet, Rene and Christine

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