Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Theory, Praxis and Experiencing

Hello Conscious Collective

From the stream of emails flows that are happening, it is indeed confirming that a collective has been seeded and is continuing in its work and awareness to facilitate a new leadership focusing on constructive action for and within the world.

I have been struck by how the emails from Aliki, Laura and Gouranga that we have received in the space of 24 hours, as we have been manifesting our ritual of intention and constructive action in the world have materialized. With these connections in mind, am drawn to our poem Conscious Collective – first and last lines in particular.

‘Seeing through to the essence that is ever present. . .

. . The encounter seeing beyond’

And so I hear a wonderfully powerful invitation to the ‘joy of being’ from Aliki Nicolaides for us each to dance in our own way, be in our own essence and go with it and prepare to be amazed. .

‘something fresh that brought tears of joy to my eyes - Happy Spring'


Another connection and movement that I am noticing is from dancing to travelling – linking up with our recent blog post, with the dancing in a train station and also with the emergent strap line relating to flying, ‘fasten your seatbelts’ which has emerged in the same timeframe too – feels like we are all journeying and co-creating as we go somehow?

Am sensing that the music, dance, movement, pure energy and universal love is rippling out now in ways beyond our imaginations. I sense a quickening within me and so within us about what our Connective Collective could enable when the ‘flickering flow' gathers and moves. .

It feels important somehow to recognize how Matthieu Daum has played a catalytic role in our waves of connection – no co-incidence then that his organization is called ‘NEXUS’ – meaning connection – whose purpose is ‘ au croisement des cultures. . .’

Matthieu was also in the Constructive Action group and has voiced and made visible messages from those that could not get through the technology or the systems. .

One of those was Gouranga Chattopadhyay – he has shared with our collective his recent experiences of working with a Shaman friend in Australia where he describes:

‘After that we returned. Any time I want to see my horse friend, he appears inside my forehead where I can clearly see him. Till now I haven't understood the meaning of his quizzical look. But he remains my friend and I feel at peace in his company.

The whole experience was about being at one with all the worlds that the cosmos contains. My name for what I call cosmos is cosmic continuum -no boundary. The invitation is to encounter that at-one state more and more often.

After the workshop I went out to have coffee in a small restaurant on the Great Ocean Road. Soon the Shaman joined me there. She had bought some stuff in a shop that was having a closing down sale a few blocks away. She presented me with two mini wraparounds! One blue and one brown. She did it with such a nice smile that I didn't ask her what I was expected to do with two mini wraparounds! I use those as eiderdowns in my workroom in Kolkata!

Maybe our universal love and wraparound for each other offers us some insight for reflection and constructive action as we travel. .

And over the Easter weekend – I had some time and space to reflect on what CCC had been about – a dear friend turned up with a book for me that she had just found that morning by Susan Greenwood called ‘The Nature of Magic – an Anthropology of Consciousness’. At once so many of the jigsaw pieces of the diverse theories and practical and lived experiences in Leiden fell into place for me. Susan writes about the concept of ‘magical consciousness’. .it comprises a ‘holistic’ awareness of the spirituality of the everyday, the earth, the body with all its attendant thoughts, feelings and emotions, a sense of the interconnectedness of it all. This is magical consciousness, the conception that has the capability of ‘re-enchanting the world’ for those who experience it.

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