Friday, April 3, 2009

Silent Reflections

Most of our posts to date have been from those who were able to attend the Leiden gathering in person.  David McCallum has been on a 30-day silent retreat before, during, and since the Conversation.  He was first to respond to the invitation and has held the collective in consciousness and prayer from the beginning.  He offers a view from silence on how what appears to be death may yield life—and life more abundant..,




The Leiden gathering coincided with the phase of the retreat focused on purification... suffice to say, it was both dark and painful, yet punctuated by moments of insight, liberation, and a deep sense of being loved even as I am a sinner. I think this paradox of being loved even as we are, imperfect and occasionally even working at cross purposes with Life... this sounds a little like the experience several of you have described. So, while we have been engaging the grace and grief of our maturation as a collective of consciousness, these movements of spirit resonate so deeply for me/with you. A line from the New Testament scriptures came to mind just now, "that unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single grain; but if it dies, it bears fruit beyond measure." May our love and labor bear fruit and at the same time, may we be free from concern for the outcomes...

Thank you for including me in this experience... it encourages my heart in the silence. And I continue to keep each of you in prayer by name throughout the retreat.


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  1. I can link with the silence deeply. I have been reflecting with you closely, perhaps as Zach said once since the conception of this event. Then found myself closing an important stage of my life literally before you were opening the event. I felt that experience as a gate that was open instead of a door that was closed. A gate to a new unknown stage that I have been walking through for almost a year now. I sometimes have walk through this path firmly, sometimes falling down and standing up again. But since I closed the previous stage the consciousness that is offered by knowing that there is no way back, takes life to a whole different perspective. Which then leaves me opening the email from time to time, to write you. Finding myself wanting to share not words but sounds. Then thinking "come on Monica!" you are always making videos, sending music, record the sounds and send it to them. I could even open the imovie and before even thinking on starting recording I was feeling noooo, it will loose the meaning. As if sometimes words are not necessary because the feelings are so strong. This has been happening each two days or so.
    Feeling that your words were holding me as my silence was holding you. I was in a silent fast dance for a weekend in the USA which is deeply connect with your experience, and i am still processing in dreams and feelings all the love and the fear of each step of my dance towards the tree of life. My dance, is sharing with your dance silence while I receive your words and images. The silence is loud, deep and it beat strong in my chest, your chest, your dance, your silence.

    My struggle is courage to let this dream blossom in Peru

    Please come and plant your seeds in our leadership path