Friday, March 6, 2009

the global field and the leiden neighbours

Dear dancers, conversationists,

Thank you for making more visible the emergence of the field between us. I felt held by it yesterday as Ankie and I were meeting with our neighbour, the manager of the homeless shelter with who we share our building. It feels like our neighbours have lots to teach us, about not knowing, about being in in between space, about the mystery of choice, about seeking and not finding ... we have started to see how we can connect with these very near neighbours in an act of co-creation during our event while feeling the presence of the global field that has become more visible today.

I am grateful for this emergence as it helps us prepare the physical space of our work in the service of our joint intentions.

Warmly, Anjet


  1. Hi everyone

    Am really new to this blogging malarchy - so experimenting as I go. Hope that you will be with me and support me as I learn - please come join me, especially if this medium is new to you too. Hwyl

  2. Hi Christine - you aer indeed mastering thisartr in one short week!

  3. Haha - just testing!

    I am indeed mastering this art