Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new light and new darkness

Having been deeply touched by emails and actions from CCC-participants, i have been feeling full and empty at the same time, still and turbulent. Christine mentioned that the new light we are starting to touch may also attract a new darkness. This morning as I sat in the café, I thought:

The new light attracts a new darkness
It invites us to explore new ways of holding that darkness, seeing that darkness
Sourced from the light
It suggests perhaps that our old ways of knowing have not become useless, or toxic poison only
That maybe taken in smaller doses, and in a different way, they can contribute to being with the new light and the new darkness
A little like acupuncture, or homeopathy

Like the unicorn, not born out of fear
Fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary
May guide us in finding ways to bound the toxicity of the new darkness
And see this new dark and light
As ends of one spectrum too

The spiritual traditions of our regions, may have planted in our bones
A capacity to find stillness and vibrations at the same time
Not artificial stillness, or a zen that is only ethereal
But grounded capacity to face new realities inside ourselves
New light and new darkness
And what gets born from the marriage between the two

With love, Anjet

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  1. Hahaha.. love-it.. I send a e-mail reacting on the same part of Cristine. You made a nice start to talk about it. I like the homeopathy part of your story! I take it to my dreams.