Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leadership Challenges of Constructive Action

Hello dancers, fellow co-creators and beacons of hope

Our work is indeed continuing and I am mindful of the phrase that 'the experience is the outcome'

Attached is my reaction about trying to face the leadership challenges of constructive action in the world - just taking my own 'baby steps' - trying to make my own difference. Liefs C:-) xxx

Dear Matthieu, Aliki, John, Karen and Zachary and all who are forming the Connective Collective

Since Friday - your wave of emails have been living with and through me. Thankyou for such sacred sharing and powerful learnings.

Your Constructive Action group challenged us to go out into the world and see how it spoke to us. .this is what I have been living with this week - trying to ground my experience in some sort of reality - yet with a knowing that things are now different and maybe having access to a whole set of languages or frequencies that as yet I don't fully understand.

Being out of Wales is good for me - enabling me to see a from a different perspective and feeling more appreciated and powerful when I return, able to make things happen. I have noticed this week that things are in flow - feels like all my dreams are coming true - especially those relating to realising the potential of young people here. This resonates so much for me with what Aliki said - I am a woman of 43 - no children - and yet I wish to make my mark in the world - what might be 'MY WAY' of doing that - the concept of co-creation and constructive action maybe?

This also has so much association for me to what Karen was alluding to about 'heriting' and I have also noticed that a key theme of my 'success' this week has been about when I have had conversations with people about that which they have to 'let go of' - the death and resurrection - in order to create a space for the creative and new generation to be seeded and shoot out - maybe a space for the new energy to emerge. Maybe I have also been braver, courage and the lion king has featured strongly! So the universe has been signalling. .or maybe it has always been signalling - i am just beginning to listen and learn! DOH!

At the same time - I have felt a deep call from within - trying to understand my own unique story and what it might mean. On Thurs I bought Annie Lennox's new album called Collection. .I felt very sad listening to the song WHY - it has connections to me for a very painful time in my life when I got divorced from the man of my dreams, my heart was broken and all hope lost - and yet with hindsight - it was the best thing ever for me and for him - learning the practice of forgiveness - a new phoenix opportunity? The song links also to my deep experience of sadness and yet amazing spirit and joy in the townships of South Africa - I cry as I write and yet I feel the hope too .this is interwoven intimately with my previous student experiences in life and the awakening of my social conscience.

Zach - we had an intense and intimate exchange on Fri (no change there then!!!!!) - prompted by your sharing of your wonderful video construction - seasons of love - from our collective time together. Watching it filled me with something that I am still working with and don't know what to make of yet - our web and its vibrational energy - lead me to sharing a book by Diana Cooper called 'The Web of Light' - links with Egypt and the Sphinx (Recall what happened on Thur night in Leiden!) Another association then to the concept of a Pyramidal Structure and what opportunities that offers as a creative vortex. .. .

This weekend - more of my own story has been unfolding. .my role within my family - and what my so called 'dis - ability' enables in terms of interconnection - and interdependence. My sister and her husband have been staying with me and we have 'spring cleaned and cleared' my space - and enjoyed each other's company, loved and laughed. It links too for me to something to do with where I am placed in the family and my intergenerational role - the role of 'auntie' being a very precious one. Thankyou.

And so - The Card I pulled from the Crystal pack in Leiden was healing and gratitude. Whilst we were facing west - I prayed for my own healing, for our healing and that of the world. I trust from hearing you that we have begun - a rebirth is indeed on its way - our work as a connective collective is being born and continues. .

As I move into this next week i gift to myself and you all two presents, knowing that we each have all that we need already to do what is required. . .we just need to appreciate and nurture it within ourselves and others. .

Linked directly to John Bazalgette's intervention and a reference to Deepak Chopra:

'You have a talent that is unique in its expression, so unique that there is no one else alive on this planet that has that talent, or that expression of that talent. This means that there's one thing that you can do and one way of doing it, that is better than anyone else on this entire planet'

So go shake that 'booty' of yours!

And the second is about how i intend to experiment with hope and being a potential beacon of light in the world this week

Christine Davies

Social Entrepreneur, Organisation Consultant and Coach

'The magic of creativity kicks into play when you begin to take action'

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