Friday, March 6, 2009

invitation to the dance

Collective Consciousness Conversation

Dancing with a co-creative and connective collective - What world can we create and what kind of leadership will enable that?

We are passionate about what type of leadership we can nurture for the future and we thank you for your enthusiasm, agreement and commitment to join us in co-creating a connective collective. We are delighted to enclose an outline design for our time together as well as some helpful logistical details.

Our challenging leadership task is to begin to learn how we can explore as yet perhaps hidden potential and work with that which is already indigenously known so that we can live and work more effectively, collectively and responsibly to find a different way – one that invites us to consider who we may become; what we can contribute and how we can become co-creators of our whole world.

We see this event as an opportunity for us to take a step away from a love that is about consummation and consumption towards another that is about connection and constructive action in the world.

Our invitation was extended with the belief that there is a critical mass of divergent voices who speak in a similar language about what is emerging. Our aim is to provide space where the commonalities maybe found and a new language for our collective experience can begin to be discovered, a space for collective inquiry into the rhythm of leadership waiting to emerge, a space to dance.

‘Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music’
(Angela Monet page 135, Tuning the Diamonds – Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution by Susan Joy Rennison)
Welcome to the dance

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