Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Co-creative and Connective Collective

As the planet warms and financial markets meltdown, as ethnic upheaval intensifies and globalization minimizes the distance between us, and as dire poverty continues in the shadows of burgeoning wealth, we are at a critical moment in history. This global economic crisis may indeed be an opportunity to ‘seize the day’ and offer us a ‘compass’ to determine a new ‘global village’ meaning and enable a way of being to emerge.

What hope do we have for the future of our planet – for our children and the next generations? What is our responsibility for leading in the world that we are creating and how can we sustain it?

Our challenging leadership task is to begin to learn how we can explore as yet perhaps hidden potential and work with that which is already indigenously known so that we can live and work more effectively, collectively and responsibly to find a different way – one that invites us to consider who we may become; what we can contribute and how we can become co-creators of our whole world.

Being part of this co-creative space may mean being a bridge to a tomorrow that is beginning to dawn. Together . . . we can seek and discover how our unique purpose and passion draws us to understand the world anew. We may wonder and pioneer into new territories and potentially determine a collaborative pathway towards a sustainable leadership model which cares about the stewardship of our collective future. The challenges involved maybe of learning to lead and live in a converging world?

A Collective Consciousness Conversation is a choice of love and freedom.

What if there is a critical mass of divergent voices who speak in a similar language about what is emerging? Our aim for a CCC is to provide a space whereby the commonalities may be found and a new language for our collective experience can begin to be discovered.

We offer a beginning for recognising and exploring our shared responsibility for how we co-create ourselves, each other, and the worlds in which we live.

A Collective Conscious(ness) Conversation is a co-created space designed to give each of us the freedom to share and deepen the loving connection, individually and collectively, needed to access and embrace more fully this opportune moment.

An opportunity for us to take step away from a love that is about consummation and consumption towards another that is about connection and constructive action in the world. . .

A love where we can enable the light to shine in and through all of us: a ‘translucent revolution’ (Cosmos – A co-creators guide to the whole world by Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan)


  1. My dear friend Neil Harris is offering a scientfic perspective and lens through which to consider our experience.

    Order and disorder Main article: Entropy (order and disorder)
    Entropy, historically, has often been associated with the amount of order, disorder, and/or chaos in a thermodynamic system. The traditional definition of entropy is that it refers to changes in the status quo of the system and is a measure of "molecular disorder" and the amount of wasted energy in a dynamical energy transformation from one state or form to another.[19] In this direction, a number of authors, in recent years, have derived exact entropy formulas to account for and measure disorder and order in atomic and molecular assemblies.[20][21][22][23] One of the simpler entropy order/disorder formulas is that derived in 1984 by thermodynamic physicist Peter Landsberg, which is based on a combination of thermodynamics and information theory arguments.

    Landsberg argues that when constraints operate on a system, such that it is prevented from entering one or more of its possible or permitted states, as contrasted with its forbidden states, the measure of the total amount of “disorder” in the system is given by the following expression:[22][23]

    Similarly, the total amount of "order" in the system is given by:

    In which CD is the "disorder" capacity of the system, which is the entropy of the parts contained in the permitted ensemble, CI is the "information" capacity of the system, an expression similar to Shannon's channel capacity, and CO is the "order" capacity of the system.[21]

  2. Oohps - this is the connection