Friday, March 6, 2009

experiencing consciousness

Here's the two links Joao Pedro posted to us all

It is the living experience of an american researcher concerning her "AVC" (Accident vasculo Cérébrale in french). It shows the experience of connectivness with the all. I related it with the March work in Amsterdam.

Who we are - Part 1
Who we are - Part 2


  1. From Scott Bissessar - Thank you Pedro, for this interesting and moving video.

    It helped me access my own humility and vulnerability, and at the same
    time helped me connect to the tremendous courage and strength of the
    human spirit through the fact that Jill Bolte Taylor was alive and
    speaking following her traumatic experience.

    It connected me also with my own first forays in search of spiritual
    connection. I remember vividly Buddhist descriptions of enlightenment,
    and the confusing and elusive meld of how to hold the present moment for
    more than the present moment!

    Two sides of the brain indeed. So: are we set up or configured to see
    things in two - already dissected from experiencing the perfection
    inherent in the whole (i.e. the "two distinct parts of the brain", left
    and right)? Is part of our task then maybe to relax into what is already


    Looking forward to making further connections with our emerging community.

    From Scott Bissessar

  2. From Nils

    Thank you Pedro, for sharing these videos.

    I am at the airport in Johannesburg waiting to connect to my flight home and this is the first chance that I have had to watch them. I was very moved.

    I was in wonderment at the way she described the moment of surrender and of her reawakening and evolution.

    I was struck by the question she poses at the end of the video-- which part of you do you choose to access and when? It made me think of the quiet space and communication that develops when one is approaching the world without judgment and with empathy for others. And also of the stress and turmoil that arises within when one is faced with conflict, choice and the need to protect oneself. And the self-awareness to find the way to be able to make a choice in the moment, when there are multiple opportunities to respond and react differently to situations. And "who" is making that choice, and how?

    Thank you all for letting me participate in this conversation and experience, and I wish you all the best in the coming days. I will be thinking of you and sending energy your direction.

    Best, Nils